World's View Yoga Studio - Hatha Yoga classes in a tranquil mountainside studio

About World's View Yoga Studio

Classes are kept small for personal attention and are structured for a complete  mind, body and soul experience.  Each class encompasses a complete workout with specific breathwork followed by a deep relaxation session to end off.  Private tuition is also offered.


Yoga is life. It encompasses every single aspect of our existence on this earth. By uniting the  physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, yoga provides the pathway for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. It provides the perfect antidote for all the stresses of our modern day lives, teaching us to live in the present moment, to learn from the past and look forward to the future, to be positive.


"A very big thank you enveloped in appreciation to you, for always delivering a five star service to our guests.
You are a great recommendation for our guests." - Taffryn Kinsey, Spa Director, Delaire Graff

"Domenique is a great yoga teacher who knows what she is doing and knows where you are at. Domenique has changed my life with her excellent routine and positive approach, with emphasis on breathing and strengthening the core muscles. My arthritis is well under control thanks to her guidance and care." - Lynette

"Domenique's classes are well presented and easy to follow and work for people at any fitness level.  When I joined I had not done serious exercise in many years, and the non-competitive environment was exactly what I needed!  Since starting yoga I have experienced many benefits, including the virtual elimination of my severe tension headaches, substantial weight loss and an overall feeling of well being." - Monique

"I started with Worlds View Yoga in 2000, had a break for a number of years and then started again last year.  Domenique is an excellent Hatha Yoga teacher, with an understanding of the different levels each individual is at within one class.  I have done yoga since the age of three and the benefits are enormous – it keeps your body toned and supple and in my very busy life, it really helps to relieve stress, tension and anxiety." - Tanja

"Attending Domenique's yoga classes presents not only an opportunity to strengthen core muscles, improve stamina and increase suppleness, but also an occassion to focus on being in the moment. I also highly recommend these classes for managing stress levels." - Kim

"Going to yoga class for the first time was incredibly daunting, and not being a very flexible person by nature didn't help much either. 
Domenique's friendly nature and passion for teaching however soon made me feel relaxed and reassured. Her calm guidance helped direct my thoughts and attention inwards, and helped me discover what my body and mind were really capable of.
After only a few months of yoga I came to realize that the teachings in yoga were far more profound than I ever imagined. Not only am I more healthy and supple now than I have ever been, but my management of stressful and conflicting situations have also improved tremendously. The correct breathing methods and connectedness with my own inner calmness have done wonders for my personal relationships and effectiveness at work and in everyday life situations.
There is still much to be learned and much to be improved on, but with yoga I know that I have set myself out on a life's journey of discovering - the wonders of the human body; the power of the mind and the sacredness of the soul." - Lara

"I made a conscious effort to start attending a regular yoga class at three months pregnant, as I kept reading how beneficial yoga is in pregnancy.  It was a bit daunting going to my first class, but Domenique was very welcoming and friendly.  

The great thing about yoga with Domenique is that she is very encouraging and positive but also emanates peace and calm.  She gives individual attention to each person in the small classes, so everyone develops at their own level and feels they are achieving.  I meant to attend only once per week, but ended up attending three times per week as felt it was doing me so much good!  Since I have been attending Domeniques classes I have felt much better generally; more supple, stronger and calmer, more relaxed. The aches and pains I used to experience, especially stiffness in my shoulders and neck, have gone completely ...and I've only been attending the class for four months!  I would love to keep attending once I've had my baby, as I've began to see the real benefits that regular yoga brings to the body and mind." - Amy

"I would like to express my grateful thanks to Domenique, World’s View Yoga Studio, for the excellent yoga classes. Throughout the years, yoga has enriched my life and still continues to do so. I appreciate your care and concern.

You have taught us to find the beauty inside ourselves and share it with the world." - Erika

Somerset West